Our service may be customized to match your organization’s needs and use your terminology. This app can keep users informed of important events, operational incidents and emergencies, as well as allow its users to provide information to these events.



The survey feature is meant to provide a 2-way communication capability between the organization and it's people for emergencies and day-to-day operations. The ambit survey sends custom or pre-built messages created by your organization for your people. Send messages to all users or to a predefined group such as a department, site, or geographic location. The users would receive the survey and be able to respond according to your options or even with a custom message. Thus the 2-way capabilities. Keep your people informed during any emergency (i.e. fire, active shooter) or even for day-to-day use (i.e. operations, technical support).



This feature allows Ambit app users to report dangerous situations, emergencies, property damage, etc. - as customized for your organization.  Each reported issue can include a more detailed message or photo, along with the user’s GeoLocation, and can be automatically assigned to another, designated Ambit user.

The Eye-Witness feature allows you to activate your best sensors; your people. Cameras are strong security tools but Ambit combines human intuition for total situational awareness.



This feature allows Ambit users to request support for issues they face. All options are customizable to your company’s operational difficulties. For example, options can range from IT support to 911 emergency to Human Resources assistance, etc., and can be automatically assigned to another, designated Ambit user.

Operations shouldn’t be halted by day-to-day issues. Connecting through the Ambit app allows your people to get the support they need, simply and effectively, without expending more resources than necessary.




This feature allows a user to request location tracking via GPS or other tracking technologies. If a more dangerous situation were to occur the “help” option would increase the urgency of the tracking request. Ambit Monitor allows for live messages to keep everyone involved informed on the situation. A user may end their tracking at any time as simply as they started it.

You can keep track of your most important assets whether it’s an executive traveling across the globe or an employee walking back to their car late at night.

This feature allows an Ambit app user to clock in and out of work, or to indicate they are on a break, in a couple of easy clicks. The user selects their new status and current site.  Time of arrival and GeoLocation are automatically captured for a complete picture of where your employees are.

This feature gains value when dealing with your mobile workforce and knowing that your people are checking in to work at the right place at the right time.  Especially when trying to locate someone during an emergency and they are unable to respond.



This feature allows a user to request access to a locked door. By integrating with your access control, Ambit may communicate messages which allows the system to unlock doors manually or even automatically according to your permissions.

Event Relay


Event Relay allows a specific user to be notified on their mobile device depending on certain actions or requests by other users. This feature allows personnel from different agencies or departments to be integrated into a common structure to delegate responsibility and address issues as they occur. Leads to faster response times to emergencies or operational issues.

Internal Positioning System (IPS)


Ambit can utilize a wide range of IPS technologies to supplement GPS and mobile-network location services for a higher-accuracy location within facilities.

Ambit IPS integration allows security & operation personnel to locate and respond to incidents in an indoor or closed environment where GPS can often be inaccurate, or completely inaccessible.


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