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Strengthening the Healthcare Industry's Security

  • Staff to Organization Reporting
  • Reduce overall costs of operations
  • Improve Hospital crisis management
  • Secure for HIPPA Requirements
  • No new infrastructure required
  • Integrates to existing systems
  • Agile & Adaptable Security Management Platform
  • Location tracking capabilities (i.e. Contractors)
  • Secure and manage mobile workforce (i.e Home health)



Use Case

ambit can help with the healthcare emergency preparedness. Helping the injured during and after a mass casualty attack is crucial to saving lives. Health Agencies gather information to distribute the correct number of injured to hospitals and trauma centers. Equipping the health agencies with ambit would allow them to gather this information through the 2-way communication with the hospitals and trauma centers. The Agencies would use the survey feature to inform the hospitals of the mass shooting while requesting information on ‘How many trauma teams are available?’ How many OR’s are available?’

The Hospitals then equipped with Ambit could find out this information by sending Survey’s to their department heads to gather information on how many beds are available in each department to be used. The Trauma Centers can reach out to their trauma teams using the survey feature as well to gather this information. The speed by which this information travels is nearly instant since it travels through the cloud. Leading to faster response times by trauma teams and law enforcement. Providing availability of hospital space to make the organization of the emergency plan efficient. Saving more lives because time is something you can’t buy but we do provide a better use of it.