How Does Ambit Work?


How We Integrate


Ambit provides an array of possible system integrations which will allow you to manage your facility more effectively. eFusion, our award-winning security management software is one such system.

  • Physical Security integrations – Access Control, CCTV, Alarm Monitoring, PA Systems, and more.

  • Cyber Security – collect data and integrate to cyber security systems to alert appropriate personnel across your enterprise

  • Facility Management – receive operational Ambit Alerts from maintenance staff then create manual or automated task assignments for them to increase repair turnaround time.

How We Connect

  • Broadcast emergency notifications across your entire organization or to select groups of people and/or specific locations.
  • locate and communicate with your mobile workforce

  • receive important information from your people via Ambit messaging, pictures and text.

  • Respond to distress messages and support requests from individual workers

How We Protect


ambit provides:

Total situational awareness (what’s happening?)

Decision support (what does it mean?)

Response empowerment (what can you do about it?)

  • It is a two-way connectivity system with emergency notification capabilities that empowers the best sensors in the world, your people, to be part of the solution.

  • Make an open environment more secure

  • Provide enhanced safety for mobile and lone workers

  • Gain the Ability to view all potential threats on one platform