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Colleges and universities require an integrated and manageable approach to security that benefits the entire campus community. Staying connected with staff, students, and even parents provides strong mobile security for the people and offers the school total situational awareness. A comprehensive security solution should seamlessly combine staff feedback, video surveillance, access control and other security-related functions to ensure the safety of all assets.


K-12 Education

School districts, individual schools and support facilities require a unified security system that provides consistent and timely information when responding to emergencies or the day-to-day grind a school faces. They need to make sure that the right information is communicated to the right people. Classroom teachers are lone workers and need the support of their school especially during emergencies. ambit offers lockdown support during emergencies including during an active shooter. Give you students access to ambit to report bullying or any other suspicious activities. Gain total situational awareness through ambit.



Airlines and airports present a unique security and safety challenge. For the most part, they are open venues located over a substantial area with large transient crowds of passengers. Security is paramount but aircraft turnaround time is important as well. The safety and security systems need to be multi-functional, protecting passengers, staff, equipment, food safety and the airline or airport’s brand. It must facilitate reporting, communications, crowd control, staff check-in and emergency management. Even during normal operations, the safety and security systems need to record every transaction so that the operators can take advantage of the audit trail and the lessons learned from prior incidents. ambit is a security system based on smart mobile devices that can leverage reporting, selective broadcasting, location information, automatic user identity, image collection and transmittal, crowd sourcing and heat mapping.



Hospitals and healthcare operations typically are large facilities with complex infrastructure, often with multiple buildings. 'Up to the second' staff to organization reporting is an important tool to gaining total situational awareness in a fast paced environment to improve crisis management. Ambit alerts extend the enterprise’s security reach beyond the bounds of the facility, dramatically increasing the security coverage throughout the organization, including home nurses and supply chain issues. ambit also improves Healthcare Emergency Preparedness response times to save more lives during a mass casualty emergency


Multi-tenant/ Property Management

Property management groups are presented with the challenge of securing open neighborhoods, located over a substantial area with a large number of inhabitants. ambit introduces a new standard of care. The system proactively manages security, safety, and all emergencies. With ambit, management can leverage reporting, selective broadcasting, location information, to have 2-way communication with the entire community. Being a multi-functional system, ambit, reduces the cost of operations. For example by lowering response times to critical repairs the cost of repairs is minimized.