ambit is a new approach to security and emergency management

A two-way connectivity system with emergency notification capabilities designed to provide strong security and operational efficiency

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What we do

Today's organizations are increasingly distributed and mobile which presents a challenge for keeping their people secure, coordinated, and informed. ambit is made to provide an innovative way of strengthening organizational security. We can make an open environment more secure, provide additional safety for all employees including lone workers, and do two-way mass messaging during an emergency or for day-to day use. Our system is meant to work for you by providing total situational awareness (what's happening?), decision support (what does it mean?) and  response empowerment (what can you do about it?)

Our goal is to provide a connected security solution that is more than security. ambit, being a multi-dimensional tool, provides improvements to operational efficiency, incident management, employee & contractor location tracking, report logging, and many more features designed with your organization in mind.

We leverage the best sensors on earth, your people.

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How We do it

ambit uses the power of mobile devices and the cloud to connect an organization and its people wherever they may be.

ambit is...

  • Managed – the Enterprise is the source or the target for all Ambit message traffic
  • Efficient – highly automated with extensive use of existing infrastructure [telecom, GPS, Cloud]
  • Utile – both operational and exceptional [safety/security] benefits
  • Flexible – incorporates the Enterprise’s policies and procedures
  • Scalable – distributed architecture scales many thousands of users
  • Cost-effective – no capital expense, efficient use of staff


Who We Are

ambit is a creation of Maxxess Systems. Maxxess manufactures both traditional access control and a new class of security systems that uniquely empowers and connects your organization. Maxxess provides an adaptable security management platform with the most extensive and seamless set of 3rd party integrations. Maxxess offers a ‘people focused approach’ to security especially through ambit.

Maxxess solutions are designed to match both your security and operational needs. A security system with a measurable ROI.